The New Future of Business and Leadership:

The Fourth Industrial Revolution and Covid-19 Combined

Bard Papegaaij
1 min readJun 5, 2020


This is our second white paper in the series, intended for leaders and transformation teams, based on the implications of the 4th Industrial Revolution and Covid-19. Published in serial form over a 6-week period, the first instalment being the Executive Summary and background. Each weekly instalment thereafter highlights a paradigm shift business leaders must consider and adapt to in the world that is emerging now. These are:

The Existing World Paradigm
Shift 1: From Command & Control Leadership to Collaborative Conscious Leadership
Shift 2: From Linear Business Monoliths to Agile Learning Business Ecosystems
Shift 3: From Sustained Competitive Advantage to Transient Competitive Advantage
Shift 4: From Organisational Hierarchy and (Mono) Culture to Networks, Teams and Diversity
Shift 5: From Legacy Systems and Technologies to Platforms

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You will find the first part here:



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